Cross Client Email Templates – Practices and Resource


If you are a web developer you must have had a chance to write Email Templates which should work across all major email clients consistently. I too have fought that battle many times and I know it’s hard and frustrating to write and check Cross Client Email Templates.

This article is an attempt to help avoid the frustration one has to go through when designing Cross Client Email Templates. I’ll try to list down the DO’s and DON’Ts that we should adhere to when writing Email Templates for maximum compatibility across email clients. Also I’ll list down the common issues/bugs that are faced in Email Templates and their solutions.

  1. Use of table for layout
  2. Make sure to have a correct DOCTYPE Declaration
  3. Use of inline style
  4. Issue with empty cells
  5. White space issue with images
  6. Close every tag properly
  7. Properly using the background images
  8. Specify height, width and alt attribute with images
  9. Test test and test

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