Cross Client Email Templates – Practices and Resource


If you are a web developer you must have had a chance to write Email Templates which should work across all major email clients consistently. I too have fought that battle many times and I know it’s hard and frustrating to write and check Cross Client Email Templates.

This article is an attempt to help avoid the frustration one has to go through when designing Cross Client Email Templates. I’ll try to list down the DO’s and DON’Ts that we should adhere to when writing Email Templates for maximum compatibility across email clients. Also I’ll list down the common issues/bugs that are faced in Email Templates and their solutions.

  1. Use of table for layout
  2. Make sure to have a correct DOCTYPE Declaration
  3. Use of inline style
  4. Issue with empty cells
  5. White space issue with images
  6. Close every tag properly
  7. Properly using the background images
  8. Specify height, width and alt attribute with images
  9. Test test and test

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Quick Tip: Things to remember when using NULL in where clause

Working on one of my project on and Sql Server has made me learn a lot about both of these technologies. I’ll be sharing my learning and the tricky things which I have learnt here in the form of quick tips.

Here’s the first one. Keep an sharp eye when using NULL in where clause because things wouldn’t be working correctly without you even noticing. Following are the few things which new developers tends to do wrong. And they would’t notice because Sql Server wouldn’t raise any error for these.

  1. Checking for NULL values
  2. Checking for NULL in “IN” condition

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Conditional where part in Stored Procedures based on parameter


Many times there comes a situation when we have to add a conditional where part in stored procedure’s query based on the parameters that are been passed to the SP. ┬áLet’s take up an example with the following requirement.

We’ll create a SP “FindProduct” which will have two parameters @id and @searchString and it will return the posts that meet the passed parameters. We want to create our procedure as such that it search for the product if one of these parameter is passed.
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Hello world

Hello world

“Hello World!”. That Looks familiar isn’t it? We mad guys “The Coders” used to start learning every new thing with this. So Here I am getting a chance again to write “hello world”.

Hi Guys, I am Ankit, a Web Developer and Team Leader. I am starting out this blog hoping to learn from you guys so be right there.. A lot of interesting stuff to follow I guess.
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